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Travel Resorts of America Membership FAQ

Who can receive a Travel Resorts of America RV resort membership?
With Travel Resorts of America as your home RV resort, you are qualified to be a member of Coast to Coast. Therefore, with the Travel Resorts of America campground membership, you will have access to the largest reciprocal network of private campgrounds throughout North America.

How many RV resorts are in the Travel Resorts of America?
Currently there are six RV resort campgrounds owned and operated by Travel Resorts of America: The resorts can be found here. Your Travel Resorts of America membership will also give you access to over 300 private RV campgrounds and 300 public parks; all at discounted rates.

Does my campground membership include my children and other relatives?
Depending on level of RV camping membership, you may be able to bring friends and relatives with their RV's as your guests.

Does my Travel Resorts of America campground membership include the Good Neighbor Parks?

What is the average nightly fee at a Coast to Coast Private Campground or Good Neighbor Park?
$10.00 to $15.00 per night.

How many RV resort membership cards do I receive with my membership?
One per membership number.

How do I make reservations and do reservations have to be made in advance?
You should contact each individual RV resort for availability.

Can the Travel Resorts of America campground membership be sold, willed or transferred?
Yes. Most of our RV camping memberships are sellable, willable, and transferable for three (3) generations. In the case of transfer or resale, we will assist you with all the paperwork and questions. Travel Resorts of America will not resell the membership for you.

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