We are so excited to be warming up! We are seeing happy campers all over the map at Travel Resorts of America!

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» Greetings from Sycamore Lodge
» Greetings from Wally World Resort
» Greetings from Rocky Fork Ranch Resort
» Greetings from Pymatuning Adventure Resort
» Greetings from Bass Lake Resort
» Greetings from North Shore Landing
» Greetings from Luna Sands Resort
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TRA Firewood Policy

In keeping with continuing to provide a great outdoor experience for our members and guests, as well as protecting the natural resources on our beautiful resorts, TRA will no longer be allowing members to bring firewood with them when they visit a TRA resort. By now, most Members are familiar with the numerous "Don't Move Firewood - It Bugs Me!" campaigns that are in place in states where we have resorts. Our alliance with these state campaigns is intended to protect our trees and continue to provide our Members with the lush destinations our resorts offer. We have recently discovered damage at one of our resorts from the Emerald Ash Borer, and we wish to be more proactive in protecting our tree resources. Our Members who wish to have campfires, you will be able to purchase firewood at the resort store. Firewood that is sold at the resorts will either come from trees harvested on resort property, or from vendors who deliver certified insect-free packages of bundled wood. For more information on this spreading problem we invite you to visit websites such as or any of the state DNR websites. We appreciate your help and cooperation with helping to prevent the further spread of this problem.

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Eggs in Jail


8 slices thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon (10 oz. total)

1 loaf (12 oz.) unsliced brioche

About 4 tbsp. butter, softened

4 large eggs

Salt & pepper to taste

Step 1: Brown bacon in a 12-in. cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat, 8 to 10 minutes, turning as needed. Transfer to paper towels and drape with foil to keep warm. Discard fat from pan and wipe pan somewhat clean with a paper towel.

Step 2: Meanwhile, cut 4 brioche slices, each about 1 1/4 in. thick (you'll have bread left over). Spread both sides with about 3 tbsp. butter total. Cut a hole in each slice; set centers aside.

Step 3: Put bread in pan, pressing down slightly to flatten, and set over medium-low heat. Put about 1/2 tsp. butter in each hole, then crack an egg into each. Sprinkle eggs with a little salt and pepper. Cook until bottom of bread is golden, 3 minutes.

Step 4: Flip toast and eggs carefully with a wide spatula. Sprinkle eggs with salt and pepper. Cook until underside of toast is golden and egg is done the way you like, about 3 minutes more for softly set.

Step 5: Transfer eggs and toast to plates. Quickly toast bread centers, then set 1 on each serving. Serve with bacon.

See original recipe here.

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Greetings from Gettysburg Resort!!


Resort Operations News

Happy New Year from Gettysburg Battlefield Resort!

As we move forward into the New Year we want to take a moment to highlight some of this past year. You have met many of our team members through the year and been kept apprised of the changes to the pool deck the sewer project and the new cabin updates.

Did you know in 2016 we used 1,284,642 Kilowatt Hours, 3,699,400 gallons of water, 40, 926 camper nights, 32,000 paid man hours (not including volunteer hours) and 13,000 gallons of propane? That’s a lot of time and resources!

We also wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you who donated to the Marine Corp Toys for Tots box. We delivered the box to the program coordinator over two thirds full. You all helped make some people have a Merry Christmas. Also a thank you to those who took a moment to write a card to send to a soldier for Christmas, those were sent on their way and should have arrived at their destination well in time for Christmas.

We also wanted to thank Santa and Mrs. Claus for delivering and picking up the Santa Mailbox and all the letters that were written. Mrs. Claus left us a lovely note and some candy canes, as well as some fun presents for the staff here at GBR. You can check this all out on our Facebook page.

Our final Member profile for the year is Lindsay our Member Services lady. Lindsay joined our staff this year after a brief stint as the sales, cookie lady. Lindsay grew up in Gettysburg and went to college in Pittsburgh. She is also a huge hockey fan (Pittsburg Penguins, what could she be thinking?) and loves reading and coloring. With her quiet and calm demeanor Lindsay is a great fit here at the resort. Lindsay has solid understanding of member service issues and is great at helping members resolve their immediate concerns. Take a moment to stop by and say Hello when you are at the resort.

That’s all for now! Here’s to a bright and wonderful New Year; for all of you, from all of us, at GBR!

Richard & Lisa, Resort Management Team


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Greetings from Sycamore Lodge!


Resort Operations & Activities News

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know that I did. We at Sycamore had a great ending of the New Year and will be starting 2017 off with a bang. As you know our camping season has slowed down, but our staff is still hard at it.

Staff have been working hard on renovating the game room by adding a new look with carpet around the TV area and a new epoxy finish, as well as freshly-painted walls and trim. We also added a new stone walkway at the entrance to the Hen House to make it easier for everyone to enter and exit.

We are still moving forward with the sewer project, lift station, and one new building will be getting constructed in the upcoming months, along with the piping from the lift station to the drip field in the ball field.

We will be completing more work at the lake front and getting started on the drive in movie screen. We are still in negotiations with our local phone company to get high speed internet service to the Resort, as well, and will be busy with that installation too.

Please remember that your pets must always be on a leash or tie out, without exception. We also need to be aware of some basic guidelines such as not speeding, having a light on your bike for night riding and not tying objects to trees. These are in place for you and your guests’ safety. I encourage you all to pick up the guideline sheet at the store upon arrival.

As always, it is our most sincere hope that you enjoy your stay at Sycamore Lodge Resort! We hope everyone has a great start of the New Year and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

John Campbell, Assistant Resort Manager

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Greetings from Wally World Resort!

Resort Operations & Activities News

Hello from Wally World,

Well here we are January 2017! Time is going by so quickly, before you know it folks will be sitting on the river bank enjoying the sunshine.

In December we had your typical crazy Ohio weather. There was one nice snow and two ice storms one on top of the other. What a mess. The temperatures were so cold cleanup was anything but easy.

At this time I really do not have much news to share. We are waiting on approval for the 2017 Capital Projects. I hope to be able to share that list next month. Meantime we are working on some much needed smaller projects in the store, bathrooms and rental cabin.

The 2017 Activity Calendar has been completed and sent in for a final look over. The calendar should be published in the near future. Meantime the entertainment is being booked and we hope to have all of the spots filled by the end of this month.

Reminder: We will not be providing a towing service this year. We are still looking, and hope we can find an individual to take on this service. But at this time it will be your responsibility to move your camper to and from the storage yard.

We would love to look back at 2016 camping pictures. Please post your pictures to the Wally World Facebook page. If you are not able to do this please send them to me and I will be happy to post them. Please send them to my email here. I will be looking forward to seeing some great pictures!

Happy New Year!

Barb McClintock, Resort Manager

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 Greetings from Rocky Fork Ranch!



Resort Operations News

Howdy Folks,

It has been a typical Ohio month for weather. We have had a beautiful snow storm earlier in the month. The following week we had an ice storm that coated everything to leave it looking crystalized and shimmering. Then it warmed up a bit and we had torrential rains which left us flooded for a few days, followed by spring temperatures, sunny and in the 50’s. The moral to this story is to always check the 7 day forecast before driving to the Ranch during the winter months, but if you do happen to get snowed in here don’t worry, you’re always welcome to stay warm in the hot tub.

The Rocky Fork Ranch staff is busier than ever. It’s these quiet times of the year that we can buckle down and make some improvements to the Ranch. The grounds crew is busy ground clearing and cutting down the Ragweed and thickets that border the creek that runs to the pond. That means that this summer we will have an uncluttered view of the pond for those family photos with a beautiful lighthouse backdrop. Our maintenance team has already laid 6 hardwood laminate floors and painted 7 cabins. We are working hard to ensure that the Ranch is the best place to come to in Ohio.

As we look forward into the new year, we are excited about the upcoming camping season and seeing all our members return to see the progress we continue to make. Looking back at all the improvements this year alone is staggering, from the upgraded electrical in the campground to the improvements made to Buckett Hill. From the Member Build deck on the back of the store to the improvements made at the stables, we will continue to make improvements that you can see and feel good about being a member while you’re staying on the Ranch.

Happy New Year, safe travels, and happy camping!

Randy Revell, Resort Manager



Happy New Years from the Rocky Fork Recreation Department, and what a year 2016 was!

With the excitement of the Christmas season, Santa, cookies, lights all behind us, and the New Years festivities over, we welcome in 2017. For the month of January, it’s time for us in the Recreation Department to take a step back and start planning the 2017 calendar.

This year’s event calendar will be published later this month and will begin with our Valentine’s Weekend. Until then, stay tuned into Rocky Fork’s Facebook for all your resort updates and other fun things that have or will be going on this winter.

Without further delay we here in the Recreation Department would like to say thank you for an outstanding year and we look forward to seeing you soon round The Ranch!

Matthew Marsh, Activities Director

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Greetings from Pymatuning Adventure Resort!


Resort Operations & Activities News

Happy Holidays Campers!

I hope some of you are getting to camp at our warmer parks this winter because we’re freezing up here at Pymatuning. Snow, snow and more snow has been our themed activity for the whole month of December. First, we were anxious to participate in the fun activity called “Two feet of snow.” Then we played a game called “A few more inches”. Finally we finished with a fast paced game called “Don’t freeze your buns off.” So as you can see, Pymatuning is full of fun activities whether you want to participate or not! However, it is very beautiful. I really need to get out and take advantage of the winter beauty with a camera for you all to see.

A little news, the plow works great! We have been working on remodeling cabins and coming up with some great ideas for activities and programs for all ages. It’s very quiet around here but we’re taking advantage of it and getting some work done.

We hope that you all have a very safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We can’t wait to start our 2017 memories with you all!

See you soon!

Heather Logue, Recreation Director & Front Desk Manager


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Greetings from Bass Lake Resort!


Resort Operations & Activities News

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s mid-winter, and still several months away from camping season. Your Bass Lake Resort is hibernating and it’s a beautiful site in snow-land. Several nice snowfalls have meant plowing and sanding for the brave few that want to use the cabins. We’re taking advantage of the slow periods to catch a few vacations and work on inside projects. We hope you are all enjoying your “at home” families this winter holiday season.

Here’s a year in review from Bass Lake:

Remember when spring started and we didn’t have the upper pool ready for Memorial Day? Thanks for being such good sports. It was 90 degrees outside for our first opening weekend and everyone was looking for water to cool off with. We installed a new pool liner and repaired the broken ground wires which couldn’t be completed until the warmer weather. It put us behind, but overall was a great repair. Once we opened the upper pool, it was used daily for the entire summer which was very hot and also very dry, with very few rain days. Also, based on the many comments from members, the slide was open all day from opening time to closing time. The kiddos could enjoy sliding all day.

July 4th was very busy, and Santa came to visit in July during our annual Christmas in July event. The entertainment “rocked” almost every weekend from June through Labor Day. We had two, Member vs. staff softball games. Although we didn’t have very many staff to participate in the first July game, we totally beat the Members during our Labor Day game. It’s always a great competition and the staff enjoys letting loose during this event.

In August, we built and opened our Dog Park with member help for our special Member Build Project. The grand opening of the new hiking trail occurred. We hosted our first sip and paint party at the lower lodge and we all painted our version of an owl. Even had an artist that painted “outside” the lines and drew his version of abstract owls.

During Pirate weekend, we caught a Bass (fish) and hauled him back to the Resort where he was placed for the winter season. Who could forget our annual Halloween fun? Our adult costume contest was a lot of fun with the Pirate Staff. It rained all day long on Saturday, but didn’t dampen our Sprits. We moved everything we could inside. The rain stopped just long enough for the trick or treating outdoors, and then started again until the haunted hayride and maze started at dark-thirty. We changed up our haunted maze a little bit and had fun scaring everyone.

The doors at the Upper Lodge were replaced, and the broken sliding glass door at the lower lodge was replaced with a beautiful full window. The lower lodge has a new activity desk/counter, and finally, we ended the year with a beautiful snow at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas just in time for our holiday season.

Whew! We hope you had a great time traveling down memory lane with us and we look forward to 2017. We’ll post the event calendar for 2017 as soon as we get it completed, which will probably be in late February or March. Until then, Happy New Year!

Lizette Bradley, Resort Manager

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Greetings from North Shore Landing!

Resort Operations News

Happy New Year from North Shore Landing on the beautiful Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia!

We are having exceptional weather. Christmas day was a wonderful 68 degrees. So far so good on the “winter” weather, our extended forecast calls for mid 50’s to low 60’s for the month of January. Hate to rub that in to our Northern friends, but you are so welcomed to come visit us down here in the warm South!

Construction is still in progress on renovating the bathroom/shower rooms at the Clubhouse. We have seven units with four completed now. Our new super site will be open in January. I imagine it will be a very popular site. The Clubhouse has had a decoration renovation. We’ve moved things around, added a big flat screen TV and made the kitchen area more serviceable. Come check it out!

Cindy Hammond, our Activities Director, keeps things happening every week with bingo, socials, crafts and lots of other activities. Be sure and “Like” us on our Facebook page -North Shore Landing- to keep up to date on all of the activities and happenings here.

That’s all for now. Remember, if you want to get out of the cold and your RV is winterized then consider staying in one of our unique train boxcars or caboose accommodations.

Debra Sykes, Resort Manager


Let me take an opportunity to say Happy New Year to all our members. Here at North Shore Landing we continued to stay busy during the month of December from Christmas baking and candy making to a family friendly New Year’s Eve party. The weather was a little warmer than normal but we still had a few chilly days and evenings but for the most part it has been a mild winter so far. The old projection TV in the Clubhouse wasn’t working as it should for movie and game night any longer and so it has been retired and updated with new technology in the form of a large screen TV which makes watching movies and games a pleasure now.

The clubhouse turned into a bakery during the Holiday Sweets weekend where cookies and cakes were baked and decorated with special care and love by our members. We celebrated Christmas in the park with a Christmas party and party food potluck. Santa paid us a visit and we had lots of fun playing some innovative relay Christmas themed games where contestants participated in teams to decorate a snowman the warm and toasty way, complete a jigsaw puzzle present race and passing bows. As the evening wore down we read “Twas the Night before Christmas” and played a game to exchange gifts where we learned who follows directions and who doesn’t.

During our New Year’s Eve Weekend we had a full schedule and our volunteers worked hard to decorate the clubhouse for the New Year’s Eve party and turned it into a winter wonderland nightclub so we could ring in 2017 with friends and family at our New Year’s Eve party. Ann Klein was our entertainer and gave us a great performance.

During the upcoming month of January we have activities planned for our Elvis Presley Weekend, Inauguration Weekend and celebrating the Year of the Rooster for the Chinese New Year at the end of the month. We are continuing to stay busy here in Activities during the winter months and hope to see all our members join in the fun whenever you make your way to visit with us here at North Shore Landing on beautiful Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia.

Cindy Hammond, Activities Director


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Greetings from Luna Sands Resort!

Resort Operations & Activities News

Hello to all our TRA members from Luna Sands!

This has truly been a year to remember at Luna Sands. In August, this beautiful little campground, nestled in the Live Oak forest in Volusia County, was purchased by TRA. There’s much to do here, and we have been tackling projects one at a time and are making progress. While we have been publishing in the TRA newsletter each month, you may still have questions about what’s going on here. We have about 136 campsites including about 30 sites that are designated tent sites or 20 AMP sties. The larger sites with 30 AMP electric and sewer are in high demand.

We started selling memberships at LSR in September and have sold approximately 40. Yeah LSR team mates! In September, we began the transition from Clark Family Campground to Luna Sands Resort. The current Rec Hall was remodeled to house the membership resort team, and we overhauled an existing mobile home to create a new clubhouse environment for our members to use. The clubhouse is stocked with games, cards, tables, kitchen, and is where the majority of the activities take place now. Our larger events and food service events will still be take place at the Rec Hall. We’ll share the Rec Hall with our membership team until next fall when they will move into a remodeled facility in another location of the resort.

The maintenance team has also been busy with other projects. In addition to the original LSR campground, there is another piece of property that was purchased, which includes an old run-down house from a previous owner. The house is in disrepair and the maintenance team gutted the house (furniture and lots of other junk) and also cleared the yard and surrounding area of broken down fences trees and various items. We are going to work on remodeling the house for resort use. This piece of property will eventually be developed with campsites in the future. This will probably by our biggest most priority project this coming summer. The other big project, permit required, is the addition of sewer to an existing six campsites. There are a lot of complicated details, but when you visit you can ask about locations and updates of both projects.

We have been serving breakfasts at the Rec Hall each Saturday and Sunday morning, and will continue this special food service event until late April. The busy season at LSR is January, February, and March. Who knew? The resort has catered to a seasonal use group in the past that includes many people attending the Daytona area Race weeks and Bike weeks. The Race week begins Feb 10th with a NASCAR pre-race week, and is followed by the NASCAR race week ending on Feb 26th. The Resort is absolutely packed during this month. We’ll have about one week for campers to move out and another group moves in for the Bike week which begins March 6th and ends March 19th. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in this area during these time periods.

Phyllis put together a schedule of events for December and we actually hosted our first LSR event at a TRA resort the week before Thanksgiving. Our first event was BINGO and was attended by a lovely group of members. We followed with a Thanksgiving potluck. It was a nice event with over 30 people attending. We had leftovers at the clubhouse the following day. During November, the Clubhouse re-model was completed, and in December we began having events there.

Craft classes, recipe exchanges, and game playing have all been enjoyed there. In addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas crafts included center pieces out of wineglasses made by several ladies, and we had an Ugly Sweater Contest, Golf Cart Christmas Parade, Christmas Eve Party and gift exchange, and Christmas Potluck on Christmas Day. We ended our Christmas day with a game of jokers and marbles at the Clubhouse. We have cleared an existing area outside of the clubhouse and prepared it for a tiki bar. We began decorating the tiki bar in December and will complete it the first week of January. The tiki bar will be open once a week for socializing. Look at the activity schedule when you get here.

Florida is enjoying some records setting heat days. The temps have been about 10 degrees higher than normal; hovering around upper 70’s to mid 80’s all of December. It looks to continue through January. No heaters needed in Florida this year….. We’re looking forward to a New Years Eve here with music and fun at the Rec Hall. You can view the basic calendar of events, but be sure to look at the bulletin boards when you arrive for any updates.

Lizette Bradley, Resort Manager


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