Hello spring equinox, camping season has officially started. We love seeing happy campers all over the map at our Travel Resorts of America resorts!

We have so much in store for this camping season and can't wait to enjoy our time with you while you stay with us. Read on to find out all about what is to come this year. So many exciting events and activities for you and all of our Travel Resorts of America Family!

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In this edition:
» Introduction & General Reminders
» Recipes
» Greetings from Gettysburg Battlefield Resort
» Greetings from Sycamore Lodge
» Greetings from Wally World Resort
» Greetings from Rocky Fork Ranch Resort
» Greetings from Pymatuning Adventure Resort
» Greetings from Bass Lake Resort
» Greetings from North Shore Landing
» Greetings from Luna Sands Resort
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TRA Firewood Policy

In keeping with continuing to provide a great outdoor experience for our members and guests, as well as protecting the natural resources on our beautiful resorts, TRA will no longer be allowing members to bring firewood with them when they visit a TRA resort. By now, most Members are familiar with the numerous "Don't Move Firewood - It Bugs Me!" campaigns that are in place in states where we have resorts. Our alliance with these state campaigns is intended to protect our trees and continue to provide our Members with the lush destinations our resorts offer. We have recently discovered damage at one of our resorts from the Emerald Ash Borer, and we wish to be more proactive in protecting our tree resources. Our Members who wish to have campfires, you will be able to purchase firewood at the resort store. Firewood that is sold at the resorts will either come from trees harvested on resort property, or from vendors who deliver certified insect-free packages of bundled wood. For more information on this spreading problem we invite you to visit websites such as or any of the state DNR websites. We appreciate your help and cooperation with helping to prevent the further spread of this problem.

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Easy Campfire Pepperoni Pizza


• 1 or more prepared pizza crust

• 1 bag of pepperoni

• 1 jar of pizza sauce

• Mixed Italian cheeses

• Olive oil

• Metal tongs

• Heavy duty tin foil

• Optional: crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese

Step 1: Prepare grill or campfire for indirect cooking.

Step 2: Brush top of prepared pizza crust with a little olive oil.

Step 3: Place directly on grate oiled side down and cook for a minute or 2 until golden - careful not to burn it. Remove from heat.

Step 4: Place crust bottom side down on a double layer of tin foil.

Step 5: Cover crust with pizza sauce.

Step 6: Top sauce with a generous amount of cheese - you're camping calories don't count.

Step 7: Place pepperoni on top of cheese.

Step 8: Cook on prepared cooking area of grill or campfire for 2 - 6 minutes depending on temperature of fire.

Pizza is done when cheese is melted..

See original recipe here.


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Greetings from Sycamore Lodge!


Resort Operations & Activities News


We are starting season. Spring has definitely sprung at Sycamore Lodge and we are looking forward to a great season with everyone! The progress continues with the sewer installation! With the construction is complete from the main lift station pump house and plumbing to the drain field.

The fiber optic high speed internet service has been bored into the Lodge and connections are still underway as the phone company is working with the IT department to get everything up and running. This will be a great service to you and the resort and we're all excited about seeing it up and running.

The Laundry Room was remodeled over the past month due to some leaks from the skylights. Roof on bathhouse was replaced along with the removal of the skylights. Walls, Ceiling and lighting were replaced inside the Laundry Room.

The Pool will soon be open. We had a Major water line break under the pool house that resulted into having to replace three pumps. All should be good to go now, just awaiting permits to open.

We have started the engineering and testing process that will result in 20 additional sites to the forest area! It's a bit early to speculate the completion date but we will definitely keep y'all posted.

We would like to welcome Bob Johnson as he is now our new Activity Director. Bob is doing a great job heading up activities and has a bunch of great things in store for the upcoming weekends. The details for each weekend are posted on Facebook so be sure to check it out!

Please remember that your pets must always be on a leash or tie out without exception. We also need to be aware of some basic guidelines such as not speeding, having a light on your bike for night riding and not tying objects to trees. These are in place for you and your guest's safety. I encourage all to pick up the guideline sheet at the store.

As always, it is our most sincere hope that you enjoy your stay at Sycamore Lodge Resort! Sit back, relax and get your camp on!

Rod Jones, Resort Manager

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Greetings from Wally World Resort!

Resort Operations & Activities News

Hello Wally World Campers, another month has gone by and here we are at the beginning of May.

We have been busy here at the resort, painting, mowing, cleaning flower beds out. This is an exciting time of the year for the resort getting everything ready for the season.

Remember last summer we had issues at the pool area. The hot tub had a bad leak and couldn't be repaired. The pool itself had a leak and we ran water into it every day trying to keep it full. So, here is what's planned prior to Memorial Day weekend. The Hot Tub has been removed and will not be replaced at this time. May 10th a company is coming in to repair the concrete around the pool. They will level the uneven concrete. Cut out the damaged concrete and repair, and will finish the job with a scrub and seal. Once this has happened another company will come in and blast, repair and paint the pool. I do have faith that this can all happen before the holiday weekend but it will depend on mother nature. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

It has been exciting having campers come in for the first time this year. All the smiling faces, excited to be back camping. It will be a fun summer.

See you soon,

Barb McClintock, Resort Manager

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 Greetings from Rocky Fork Ranch!



Resort Operations News

Howdy Folks!

We have been enjoying spring like weather here on the Ranch. Come on out and enjoy the Ranch while it's still quiet. You can still have the indoor pool and hot tub all to yourselves or take a nice hike on our trails which we are busy clearing and marking to make it easier to explore our steep hills. Trail rides are in full swing and paintball battles are a blast! The fish are biting down at the pond and our activity schedule is getting more robust by the week. There's certainly something for everyone in the family to do while visiting the Ranch. I'm excited for this year's member build that'll take place on Saturday, May 13th. Come join us in building the two dog parks we are putting in. One is going to be behind the chapel and the other is going up on the hill to the Captain's Circle. We could use all the help we can get, as we have a lot of posts to put in and will be building obstacles for our furry friends to exercise. They will be able to run free and work the energy out of them so they will sit peacefully by the fire as you watch the night stars and roast those delicious S'mores. The Rodeo clinic is on May 6th and the Rodeo begins its season on June 3rd, so be sure to stop on down to the arena and watch these youngsters rope and ride their way to a scholarship. We look forward to seeing everyone this season.

Safe travels and happy camping,

Randy Revell, Resort Manager


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Greetings from Pymatuning Adventure Resort!


Resort Operations & Activities News


Welcome Back! We are very excited to see you all as we get more and more sunny days we get even more excited about our camping season! Thanks to all who have stopped by to introduce themselves. I have met some awesome campers and look forward to meeting many more in the coming weeks. We have been busy getting everything ready to go and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Do you play an instrument? Maybe you're a great story teller? Maybe you like to sing? If so join us at the community fire pit on Friday nights. Let's get that campfire going at 8pm after we've set up and filled up on Sally's delicious pizza from the store. We have all summer to enjoy getting to know each other and what better way than around the fire pit at Pymatuning!

Sharrie Yarber, Resort Manager


I'm happy to see some of you responding to our events pages on Facebook, you can see all the different themes for the upcoming weekends and I'll be posting more detailed guides as the weekends approach.

I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day weekend here at Pymatuning, we're going to play a fun game of name that price and we'll also have a relaxing wine and sniff Scentsy party that will be free to attend. We're also going to be cooking Mom up some delicious breakfast on Saturday the 13th. We hope to see a bunch of moms this weekend!

Also in May we're beginning work on our nature trail. We've scoped out the trail and the plans and we can't wait for the Mentor Boy Scout troop to lend us a hand the first weekend in May. Any help is welcomed!!

Santiago is a very happy camper up here in the store; he has already made so many friends. The kids seem to be braver than the adults, but he's determined to change their minds! We hope you have a warm and dry spring and we'll see you all very soon!

Heather Logue, Recreation Director


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Greetings from Bass Lake Resort!


Resort Operations & Activities News

Everyone at Bass Lake is ready for the spring to be here! During April, many members camped at the resort. We didn't have the water turned on, but it was available by hose bib as people checked in. The beginning of April was still too cold and too "mushy" for camping, but the end of the month was very nice. The water was turned on by April 26th.

During the month of May, we will get all of our Bass Lake Team back to work. Getting everything put back out and in place for the summer is always a super busy 2 week process. The rain will delay some things, but the work will go on. We have a couple of water leaks that require attention first, and then we move right into faucet repairs and mowing. The upper pool will be opened for the holiday and the landscaping and gardening have already started. We've also got a park model that is under construction and will need to be completed before Memorial Day and will work on several other small projects as time allows. The Store will open Thursday through Sunday from 9-5 until Memorial Day, and the Cafe will open Thursday through Saturday 4-8 until May 24th.

The Cafe will be hosting an every Thursday night Trivia hour with Renee this year, and most Friday evenings will also provide background music with Mark Zane. During Memorial Day weekend, the Cafe will be open on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with their breakfast buffet, and they will be open all day on Saturday and Sunday until 10pm.

Nikki has planned the activities through the month of May and also through June. If you would like specific activity schedules, please e-mail us at We've planned a special Mother's day Potluck Breakfast and also wine and cheese social on May 12th, and then we're hoping to have a lot of help on Beaver Day Weekend, May 20th. On May 20th, we'll be cleaning up the resort, and from 3pm to 5pm we're going to host our first Bass Lake Horse Derby. Metro Music with Dion Sherz will finish off our evening of fun.

Memorial Day weekend begins May 26th with activities scheduled from 11am until 8:30 with Movie under the Stars. Moonshine River Band will be here on Saturday night and the Fulton Chain Gang will be here on Sunday night. We'll host the blood mobile again, and this year on Sunday from noon until 2pm will be a craft show-n-sell/yard sale at the resort. Bring your white t-shirts with you for Memorial Day Saturday tye-dying. We'll have shirts for sale, but many members have indicated they would like to bring their own shirts for this event.

See you soon!

Lizette Bradley, Resort Manager


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Greetings from Luna Sands Resort!

Resort Operations & Activities News

Hello to all our TRA members from Luna Sands!

Hello to Luna Sands and Travel Resorts Members. It's getting warm in the Florida State, but we're still looking forward to some fantastic weather. We've had a very DRY winter and we haven't really had very much spring rain yet. We experienced a fire ban during April and it is continued in our county until further notice. Charcoal fires are still okay, but wood fires are banned.

We have migrated our memberships into the reservation system, but as of yet, the online function is not working. Please continue to contact 855-432-8457 for all Luna Sands campsite reservations. Be aware that for all first time visitors we will physically show you to your site. It's really important to call us at the resort if you will be arriving after 5pm as the office closes at that time. Phone numbers and after hour check in procedures will be communicated during our phone call. We look forward to your visit. If you would like further information regarding activities, please feel free to e-mail us at the resort. or

In the month April we had an exciting time learning about our name sake the Luna Moth, as well as other Florida native bugs. Just to let you know what you missed. We also feasted on dirt and worms, yummy!! Easter was quiet, but we had fun making Easter bonnets and Easter baskets.

We'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in May, and we have planned a fun BBQ at the clubhouse for Memorial Day Fun Fun!!!!

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook. Come visit us at Luna Sands.

Lizette Bradley, Resort Manager

Phyllis Bates, Activity Director

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