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About Travel Resorts of America

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Travel Resorts of America

TRA is a premier private RV membership camping program. When you become a member, you also become part of the TRA family. TRA started with Sycamore Lodge, im Jackson Springs, NC, in 1986. At the time, Sycamore Lodge only had 12 RV sites. Today TRA has 11 resorts spread across the East Coast and Midwest, serving 22,000 members. TRA is proud to say our members are as diverse as the USA! We believe camping is the medicine people need!  

Each member is attracted to different amenities such as live music, mini-golf, corn hole, horseshoes, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, movie night, fishing, dog park, horseback riding, hiking, paintball, themed events, every weekend during the season plus much more. And theres always the option to do nothing but RELAX!  

Travel Resorts of America is a place where the staff will know you and your kids by name, your kids can run around and ride bikes without you having to worry, and other members will become life long friends. We are so excited to show you all we have to offer and for you to become part of our community.  


Are private RV Camping Memberships like Timeshare?

We get asked this question all the time. First, Private RV camping membership starts with unlimited use.  The only rule is to take a week out of the park once you have stayed 14 nights. With a timeshare you can only use your vacation for one week out of the year, and you must plan way ahead. Many campers find timeshare inflexible. 

Remember with a TRA membership, you can camp as many times as you would like throughout the year. Visit different resorts, stay in one of our cabins, tent camp and do it WHENEVER you would like during the season. 

Some of our members camp up to 200 days a year, but on average, each member camps about 20 nights a year! You would have to own 3 timeshare weeks and pay three maintenance fees, to stay that much. We know with us you’ll make beautiful memories with the people you love in a place you will adore. That is what it is all about.  


What are your packages and what do they cost?

Great question but the answer is: it depends! YOU determine the type of vacationing you want to do. Do you want to camp at one resort? Do you want to camp at 10? Will you want to be able to book further in advance or are you a last-minute planner? Are you an RV camper, tent camper, or would you prefer to use one of our 1,200+ cabins?  The choice is yours!! We know all our members are unique in their needs and wants, so we cater to you to find the best membership for you and your family! 


Why choose private membership?

We know how busy life gets. That vacation you have been planning on taking keeps getting pushed back because, well…life. With your membership at TRA, vacation becomes a part of your life instead of something to look forward to occasionally.  The best part is that your membership can evolve with you! You will never be limited to what you originally bought and can always add more. When you purchase a membership, it is yours for life and can even be passed down.With 1,000,000 more RVs on the road in 2022 than in 2019, it is nice to know you will have a site ready for you and your family. TRA is members only.     


What’s Next?

If you can picture lazy days fishing on the lake, warm summer nights around a bonfire with friends and family, and finally setting aside that time away you’ve been meaning to take, let us know! Fill out that contact form below or call us today! You will come out for a 90-120minute,a no-pressure presentation where we will show you our packages and all the great benefits we offer. We will show you around the resort and all its amenities, and just for coming out, we give thank you gifts for spending time with us! Don’t wait! You could be vacationing sooner than you think! 


Membership Benefits with Ask Roscoe

What is Ask Roscoe?

This exclusive membership gives you access to all the cheapest hotels, flights, cars, and condominiums available. With over 1,000,000 properties around the world and %110 best price guarantee, you can be confident you and your family will have an affordable holiday of your lifetime! 

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Tier 1

  • Up to 4 family members per account 
  • Condos: 3 weeks per year 
  • Multiple Language and Currencies: 100+ languages supported in call center with 40 currencies available 
  •  110% Best Price Guarantee: If you find a better price, we will refund you 110 %

Tier 2

  • Up to 6 members per account.  
  • 4 guest passes which expire after 1 year or first reservation is made.  
  • Earn Rewards Credits on all purchases. 
  • Condos: 6 weeks per year  
  • Hotels: Over 1 million hotels and resorts with up to 70% off retail pricing.  
  • Cruises: 15 Major cruise lines with monetary and reward credit rebates 
  • Cars: over 9,000 car rental locations in 190 countries 
  • Flights: 950 airline providers with Reward credits earned and redeemed for flights 
  • 110% Best Price Guarantee: If you find a better price, we will refund you 110 % 
  • Boomerang Membership Program: Share with family and friends to earn 25% more Reward Credits 
  • …..and much much more!

Tier 3

  • Up to 10 family members per account  
  • Unlimited condo rentals 
  • 10 guest passes which expire after one year or your first reservation
  • Earn reward credits on all purchases that may also be used on flights 
  • Hotels: Over 1 million hotels and resorts with up to 70% off retail pricing.  
  • Cruises: 15 Major cruise lines with monetary and reward credit rebates 
  • Cruise Packages: Net rate cruises bundled with annual renewal fees, reward credits and travel insurance  
  • River Cruises: 4 providers. A-Rose, Amawaterways, American Cruise Lines and Viking River Cruises 
  • Sailboats and Yachts: 2 providers: Windstar Cruises and Star Clippers  
  • Cars: over 9,000 car rental locations in 190 countries 
  • Flights: 950 airline providers with Reward credits earned and redeemed for flights 
  • Vacation Homes: Portfolio of over 300,000 vacation homes worldwide 
  • Luxury Vacation Homes: Curated portfolio of luxury vacation homes with personal destination host 
  • Worldwide Tours: Curated vacation packages and tours from 4 to 100 days.  
  • Activities: 120,000+ activities and excursions in over 1,000 countries  
  • Golf Tee Times: Global inventory of over 2,200 golf courses 
  • 110% Best Price Guarantee: If you find a better price, we will refund you 110 % 
  • ….and much much more! 

Get more out of your membership with

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What is Coast to Coast?

Coast’s primary focus is to make it possible for people who purchase resort memberships to travel more and spend less. To fulfill this mission, Coast to Coast has created a system of RV resorts where Coast to Coast memberships are accepted across North America. With multiple resorts in every state and even some internationally, you will have a variety of choices besides just your home parks! With online trip planning, let Coast to Coast help you plan for an epic adventure of a lifetime.

How do I join?

In order to be eligible for membership in Coast to Coast, you must first become a member of Travel Resorts. Coast memberships are not available to the general public at any cost, but instead are offered to you at the time of your resort membership purchase. Coast to Coast provides a vast range of vacation choices for you and your family. The Coast network includes some of the nation’s best outdoor resorts with immaculate campsites, on-site security, superior amenities and legendary reputations for going above and beyond when it comes to taking care of guests. All available to you at a cost of only $10* per night at RV resorts where Coast to Coast memberships are accepted or a special Coast-member discounted rate* at Good Neighbor Parks.

Want more info? Ask your sales rep or click the link below to access the Coast to Coast website.

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807 Total Reviews



Ashley Andrilla
Bass Lake Resort
Read More
We won 21 free days of camping. We loved the tenting site we were able to get. The lake was beautiful and most hosts were very polite and helpful! Kids loved the pools and playgrounds. This place was awesome.
Melanie Zavrl
Rocky Fork Ranch Resort
Read More
This is the second time that we stayed in a cabin. The outdoors here in the Wayne National Forest are stunning. Our dogs are welcome (at a charge)and they have 2 dog parks here. We hear birds singing here that we don't hear at home. The park is clean and well cared for. It is a relaxing time away. We are happy to be members here.
Kris P
Luna Sand Resorts
Read More
We got 2 nights 3 days complimentary stay and we couldn't be more satisfied...nice and quiet, clean and maintained, staff was very friendly, convenient location between beaches and Disney, close to shopping centers and restaurants, would definitely come back and I would stay more if the kids weren't due back in school
Jennifer Ruggiero
Sycamore Lodge Resort
Read More
Sycamore Lodge is a gorgeous camping resort. The grounds are so peaceful and beautifully landscaped. So many gorgeous trees. The camping lots are very spacious. They have a HUGE dog park that our two dogs loved! The resort is very clean. The staff is friendly and the amenities are great. We were very impressed and look forward to returning in the fall.