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Welcome to Travel Resorts of America

Remember the days of long vacations and cross country road trips to see the beauty of the country through the windows of the family RV? The kids may have grown or new ones are on the way but RV camping is as enjoyable and memorable as it has always been. It is Travel Resorts of America that makes visiting luxury RV campground resorts across the country accessible and convenient.

The benefit of RV campground clubs is the access to luxury RV resorts not available to the general public. Travel Resorts of America is a collection of private resort RV campgrounds that feature spacious RV sites, a better camping experience, a safer environment and a more family-friendly atmosphere that the typical RV clubs can provide. With now over 600 RV campgrounds to choose from, there is something for everyone.

It starts with naturally beautiful settings in highly desirable locations nationwide. Add in countless activities a little history and all the kinds of amenities you'd find at luxury RV resorts and you know what recreational vehicle camping with Travel Resorts of America is all about.

Come hit the road with us today! Call 800-644-8068 for more information.

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Travel Resorts sets the standard for RV parks. Click here to find out more.

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Interested in free camping at one of our beautiful resorts in either historic Gettysburg or the beautiful sandhills of North Carolina? Click here for details.

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Want to take a peek and see what is going on at the resorts?Click here for upcoming events, photos, and more.

Upcoming Activities

Travel Resorts and all the campgrounds involved want to make your stay with us the best experience. There are events, activities, and other fun things planned every week. To see the most up to date information, follow the link below and check out the resort of your choice:

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