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We hope everyone is excited for the new year. We love seeing happy campers all over the map at our Travel Resorts of America resorts!

Read on to find out all about what is to come this year. So many exciting events and activities for you and all of our Travel Resorts of America Family!

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TRA Firewood Policy

In keeping with continuing to provide a great outdoor experience for our members and guests, as well as protecting the natural resources on our beautiful resorts, TRA will no longer be allowing members to bring firewood with them when they visit a TRA resort. By now, most Members are familiar with the numerous “Don’t Move Firewood – It Bugs Me!” campaigns that are in place in states where we have resorts. Our alliance with these state campaigns is intended to protect our trees and continue to provide our Members with the lush destinations our resorts offer. We have recently discovered damage at one of our resorts from the Emerald Ash Borer, and we wish to be more proactive in protecting our tree resources. Our Members who wish to have campfires, you will be able to purchase firewood at the resort store. Firewood that is sold at the resorts will either come from trees harvested on resort property, or from vendors who deliver certified insect-free packages of bundled wood. For more information on this spreading problem we invite you to visit websites such as or any of the state DNR websites. We appreciate your help and cooperation with helping to prevent the further spread of this problem.

Wally World Riverside Resort

Manager Update:

Hello from Wally World!

Well the groundhog saw his shadow and for that we will have six more weeks of winter. It sure has been a cold one here on the river. I keep saying I will not complain when it gets hot this summer… but I will.

This month we will begin the process of assembling out staff for 2018. We look forward to a great camping season and a wonderful staff to fulfill the needs of this campground.

Just yesterday we received our first delivery of new product of the camp store. It is almost like Christmas opening the boxes to see what is new for this year. Annette does a wonderful meeting our inventory needs for the season.

STORAGE: Anyone that is storing or will be storing their camper this year. You need to stop in the store and fill out a new storage agreement and you will receive a new sticker to display on the tongue of your camper. This will help us identify witch camper belongs to whom.

We look forward to the early bird campers. I hope we have some warm weekends in March.

See you soon,

Barb McClintock, Resort Manager

Gettsyburg Battlefield Resort

Manager Update:

Hello February and Happy Valentines Day! February is the (longest) shortest month of the year. As we get ready for spring and continue the tree removal and repairs and projects it seems as if the month drags on forever. I think it is because we know spring is just around the corner and that we will see you all soon, so we get impatient.

As I said we are still removing trees and cleaning up.  With the crazy weather last month we had to put a halt to things for a bit as we thawed out water and sewer lines at cabins and repaired heat units that decided they didn’t like the cold either. We actually hit -9 degrees at one point. We have certainly been hopping here.

The new storage stickers are in and available for purchase at the front desk. The store is in the midst of a deep clean and paint touch up so as we roll into February we will roll out the new look (not much changed, mostly just cleaning and sprucing up). We will be welcoming our new Front Desk/Store Manager when she arrives at the end of the month. Sherry Cox-Scudder will be rolling in to join the team but we will introduce you to here in the next newsletter. Stay warm and dry and spring is just around the corner. See you soon!

Richard Kellerman, Resort Manager

Activities Update:

Activities is gearing up for another amazing year here at GBR! Maintenance has been busy building shelving in our new storage area which will house our newly organized themed weekend props. With the new storage area, we have been busy cleaning up the stage at the pavilion so that we can once again utilize that space. If you are on site or nearby stop on over for yoga every Tuesday (4pm) and Thursday (7pm). We have had a great turnout with more people coming every week. It’s a great way to get the mind and body into shape and refocused for the new year! Make sure you check out our Facebook page for updates on events and a list of our themed weekends for the 2018 season. In the meantime stay warm and get excited about some awesomeness about to come at GBR! 

Tyler, Activities Director

North Shore Landing

Activities Update:

Greetings from North Shore Landing!

January came upon us with cold and wet weather and even a little snow here in Georgia but it hasn’t stopped old and new members from heading to North Shore Landing to visit our beautiful resort and even get in some great fishing and relaxation just enjoying the serenity of Lake Oconee in the winter.

We had some unusual icy weather here at North Shore Landing and our maintenance crew was kept busy preventing weather related emergencies for a few days but throughout the month of January they have made steady progress with the cabin renovations and are on schedule to be ready for occupancy during the upcoming season.

Planned activities continued here at North Shore Landing during January and we started the month by enjoying a tailgate pizza party making our own pizzas for the collegiate championship football game, weekly potlucks, crafts and scheduled games of all types.

February will be a busy month here at North Shore Landing and the first weekend will bring the national football championship and we invite you to join in the fun at our tailgate party potluck while we watch the game on the large screen tv in the clubhouse.   It’s also a time for romance and we’ll be showing our romantic side with a “Not So Newlywed” game and sweetheart pancake breakfast.   We hope you’ll be able to join us as we ring in the Chinese New Year and celebrate the Year of the Dog with a Chinese food potluck and Asian-inspired crafts.  The last weekend in February promises to be lots of fun as we host our first Murder Mystery weekend of the year where we’ll find out which members are our greatest detectives.

As always, we wish you safe travels wherever you may wander and we look forward to seeing members visiting us here at North Shore Landing and enjoying for a little while the natural beauty that we see every day here on the banks of beautiful Lake Oconee.

Cindy Hammond, Activities Director

Pymatuning Adventure Resort

Manager Update:

Greetings from Pymatuning Adventure Resort! February is a month we are reminded of all the people and things we love. We love those warm summer nights, crackling of fire, smells of grilling food, and sounds of splashing fun at the pool! It is time to get excited about camping again. The Holidays are over the New Year is here and spring is only 48 days away! We have been busy here at the park and planning for our upcoming season. The activities are being planned, entertainment is being booked, cleanup is ongoing and the excitement is building. So we wish each one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you enjoy some special time with the ones you love.  I will leave you with some pictures taken on one of those warm January days.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sharrie Yarber, Resort Manager

Rocky Fork Ranch

Manager Update:

Howdy Folks,

We are continuing to wok hard at making some improvements and renovations during this frigid winter season.  We have painted and updated the Captain’s Club and are getting ready to paint the General Store.  Additionally, we will get started on sprucing up the indoor pool with a fresh coat of paint on the deck.  Several cabins have been painted and so far this year we have added 6 flat screen televisions.

We are currently requesting ideas for our 2018 Member Build, so be sure to go to our Facebook page and submit your ideas.  Member Build projects should be something that benefits the most amount of people and replaces something that needs updating or to add something new to the resort that we currently do not have.  2016’s Member Build was building the huge deck on the back of the General Store giving spectators a perfect view of the Rocky Fork Youth Rodeo.  2017’s Member Build was putting in 2 dog parks.  What will we do in 2018?  Please let us know your ideas.

From all of us here on the Ranch, we wish you a warm and safe winter season,

Safe Travels,


Randy Revell, Resort Manager

Sycamore Lodge

Manager Update:

Think Spring Everyone!

Camping season is almost upon us and we are ready!  Having lived most of my life in Ohio and Indiana, I thought I was running away from cold and snow but this January had a different agenda by dropping quite a bit of snow on us.  As I write this, it’s a beautiful sunny but chilly 42 degree day with the beautiful Carolina Blue sky that I love.

This is our slow time but we’re busy getting ready for a great season.  We’ve been deep cleaning, updating and sprucing up the cabins.  We’ve been fixing roads, detailing sites and repairing/replacing worn out resort fixtures where needed.  We have started to receive new store merchandise as well.  As the weather slowly begins to warm we will be returning to cleaning, staining and painting around the resort.  We will also be putting a new coat of sealer on the cabins this spring.

The next couple of paragraphs are from last month but definitely worth repeating…

With the first phase of the new sewer system completed, we are excited to get started on the next phase of installation.   This will begin adding more sewer service to the sites and moving forward with additional sites to the forest area which will also be full hookup.

2017 also saw the installation of high speed fiber optic service brought into the resort.  We are working on a solution to provide internet access across all of the sites.  At this moment high speed access is available at the lodge, game room, store and pool areas.  Last season also saw the following improvements on the resort… remodeled Laundromat with new roof and ceiling, remodeled game room, drive in movie screen, fireplace restoration, covered deck at the lake with new landscaping at beach area, erosion prevention, site leveling and more.  I look forward to keeping everyone updated on improvements as we move along this year as well.

Please be sure to pick up after your pets and leave your site as tidy as you would expect to find it.

As always, it is our most sincere hope that you enjoy your stay at Sycamore Lodge Resort!  Sit back, relax and get your camp on!  See you all very soon.

Take care and stay warm,

Rod Jones, Resort Manager

Activities Update:

In January, the activities department was focused on planning for the 2018 Activities Calendar and entertainment for the year.  We have finalized all the activities / entertainment and are looking forward to a very fun and exciting year at Sycamore Lodge.

Our grand horseshoe tournament and New Years Eve party at the end of December was fantastic.  We had a lot of participation and everyone enjoyed themselves.  This season at Sycamore Lodge, we are going to have a lot of exciting activities for everyone to remember for a long time.

Going into February we will be starting our events with The Big Game Watching Party on the 4th.  Come out, eat some good food and watch The Big Game with family and friends here at Sycamore!   Let’s see who will win between the Patriots and the Eagles.   Also in February, we are having our annual Valentine’s party weekend for couples to enjoy time together with a pancake breakfast, games and more fun.

We are looking forward to everyone enjoying and spending time with your favorite person or family at the Lodge!   We are planning to make this year the best ever.   Thank You from all of us in the Activities Department at Sycamore Lodge.

Bob Johnson, Activities Director

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